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GDPR Hero is an easy-to-use cloud-service for businesses, with establishment in the Union or processing personal data relating to data subjects within the Union, for complying with GDPR by keeping
record of processing activities

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New Data Protection Regulation for all businesses

On May 25, 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) became applicable, with tougher rules for processing of personal data than previous legislation in the area. GDPR applies to all businesses which are established within the Union as well as businesses outside of EU/EEA processing personal data of data subjects who are in the Union. A company that does not comply with the rules can be subject administrative fines up to 4 % of worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year or up to EUR 20 million.

Because of the new regulation you will need to review all documentation and map every part in your processing of personal data to fulfil the requirements.

GDPR Hero helps both the private and public sector adapt to the new data protection regulation. Our tool is fully scalable, user-friendly and tailored for both small and large enterprises and organisations. We help you, regardless of if your organisation focuses on B2B or B2C. Together with the law firm Sällberg & Co, we also offer help with everything from education and project management to quality assurance and support. We give you the opportunity to continue with your core activities without interruptions, in addition to complying with and taking advantage of the new EU legislation.

GDPR Hero helps you to comply with the obligation to keep records of personal data processing (Article 30 GDPR) and to show compliance and accountability (Article 5(2) GDPR).


GDPR Hero is a cloud-based tool that helps you map out, structure and document all the personal data you process. Among else, you receive help with legal bases, purpose, access and organisation of all the personal data. Our service is continuously updated to reflect the latest legal developments. All organisations will benefit from maintaining their documentation electronically so they can easily add to, remove, and amend it as necessary.

Compliance & accountability

GDPR contains complex rules regarding e.g providing information to the data subjects, keep record of processing activities and cooperating with the supervisory authority. GDPR Hero helps you to quickly create reports and to show that you live up to the requirements. GDPR also require systematic work with data protection for personal data. GDPR Hero is a user-friendly tool to facilitate and streamline the work of, among many things, keeping records of processing activities and to show accountability.

GDPR Hero makes it easier

Mapping out all of your company’s personal data might feel like an impossible task. You need to go through all documentation, IT systems and all your processing activities. The solution is called GDPR Hero – a cloud service which gives you an overview of all of your personal data. You receive checklists and all the education you need to comply with the new regulation. And the best part – you get all of this for the same price as an hour of consultation per quarter of a year.


We help you methodically and in the right order solve all the small details needed to fulfil the new regulation. Get help from our checklists, user guides and workflows both during implementation and during your continuous work with GDPR compliance. Throughout GDPR Hero you will find information boxes helping you to fill in the right information, as well as references to the related provision in GDPR.

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