£120 £90

These Introductory March Madness Prices Must be Booked before the Finish Date: 31/03/2021


The Lavish Day with your Motorcycle includes the Following:

  • The before photo
  • Pre Rinse using clear water
  • Auto Snow Foam Wash
  • Degrease – only where needed using Surfex HD (APC)
  • Auto Snow Foam Wash
  • Rinse using clear water
  • 2 Bucket Auto Wash Shampoo -using Extra-long microfibre Noodles Wash Mitt
  • Rinse using clear water
  • Auto Cleanser Fluid -Deep cleans pores of road film, old waxes, tar etc & primes paint for waxes
  • Auto Wax T1 Carnauba Wax – Ultra durable wax with medium hard film finish lasts up to 3 months using 500GSM Super Plush Microfibre Towel
  • Back to Black Wax
  • Mini Chain Clean & Lubricate using EP80/90 *Gear Oil*
  • The after photo

*Explanation Here*


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