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A bespoke range of in-person and online coaching services that supports individual development and success; and team coaching to increase staff engagement and retention.

Flexible solutions that enable you to plan, or respond, to meet the changes and challenges you face in your career or your business.

The aim of my career coaching is to help you identify clear goals, improve self-confidence and take more control of your career in order to maintain a positive work-life balance and love the work you do.

Coronavirus: The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all with many facing an uncertain future due to concern over loss of jobs or businesses. At times like this it can be hard to feel positive about the future however there will be positive changes ahead as businesses finds new ways to recover from this unprecedented crisis.

Coaching is a helpful way of bringing support and clarity to your future career ideas and goals. Until further notice, all coaching support will be provided online.

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Driven by results

Throughout my career I have partnered with individuals and employers providing key career advice and business support. As a specialist recruiter with over 25 years experience, and now as a career coach, I’ve had to understand the changing needs of employees and business in order to consistently deliver great results for my clients.

This unique skillset and insight means you can be assured of tailored coaching support that offer the best solutions for you, your career or your business.

A culture of trust

By partnering with a Registered Career Development Professional, you can be assured of objective and unbiased confidential coaching support you can trust at a time when you need it most.

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