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Joining Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre means you can enjoy a range of activities and services in the comfort of our spacious centre, supported by our helpful, friendly team of carers and volunteers.

A day at the Centre costs from £75 which includes therapeutic low impact activities, freshly prepared meals and snacks.

Before joining us your needs and requirements will be assessed by our care manager. Please be assured that our experienced care team has been trained to the highest standards and we align our training and centre standards to CQC, NHS Infection Control and Skills for Care Standards practices.

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Please contact us for a referral

020 8908 1220

Making a client referral

At Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre we understand the importance of ensuring continuity of care for isolated, vulnerable, and older adults in the community. We know that there are various reasons why someone might benefit from attending our centre and believe in a person centred, holistic approach.

Preventing isolation is of paramount importance to a person’s wellbeing. We provide a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where those in the community who feel isolated, are vulnerable or of an older age can socialise and benefit from the company of others. We are pleased to offer variety to our members who benefit from taking part in therapeutic activities, assisted by our highly trained care team and professional tutors.

Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre has a long standing relationship with healthcare professionals both in the NHS and private sector. We accept member referrals from NHS trusts and private healthcare providers, who recommend daytime care and support as part of a person’s ongoing wellbeing. Individuals, family members and carers can make referrals to the centre.

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